Grace Fox Photography


Iā€™m so glad you took the time to check out my work and get to know a little bit about me.  Whether it is through an iPhone or a viewfinder, I am always fascinated by just how many things are happening around us simultaneously.  I love making photographs that bring out the beauty in something that might have passed by in an instant without anyone taking the time to notice.  Whether it's the nervous laugh that follows a forced smile or the wilderness sprouting from a neglected building, I make it my job to notice more than what first meets the eye. I'm always stopping to smell the flowers--- or to photograph them!

Grace Fox Photography is a culmination of hobby, practice and passion. After completing my BFA in photography at Temple University, I remain in Philadelphia working in post-production for local retailer Urban Outfitters while remaining active in freelance lifestyle and product photography. It is my mission to make images for others' enjoyment in addition to my own while striving to include fun, flair, and perfection into all of my work. I love being challenged, so if you like my style, just say hi!