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Colorado Blues

I consider myself many things, and spontaneous is not one of them.  I have everything in my planner down to when to do my laundry, and it's in there through the rest of this calendar year, so the fact that I had no intentions of going to Colorado until a few short weeks ago is kind of major for me.  If there's one thing that can make me throw my inhibitions aside, though, it's a good sale.  So, one incredibly cheap set of Southwest tickets later and I had the time of my life ahead of me. I set off to cross the country with no game plan whatsoever, flanked by two great friends I get to not only work with every day but also adventure with in our own time.  Add in two lifelong friends who now live in Denver to show us around, and we were guaranteed an amazing stay.  From hiking, to eating, everything we experienced was amazing--not having a strict plan to follow and a comfy home to rest in even made it relaxing. 

Four days was the perfect amount of time to dive into the major stops we wanted to make. Wednesday we got to settle in, catch up, and walk around the city for food and drinks.  The next day we got brunch at Snooze cafe and walked around the 16th Street shopping district. That evening, Tyler drove us just 30 minutes out of the city for a hike at the Flatirons.  We were breathless in minutes (from both the altitude and the view) and aside from my purse breaking halfway up the mountain, we  made it back down right at nightfall to catch an amazing view of the moonrise.  We followed the hike by hitting the college town in Boulder for an amazing Mexican dinner-- the BBQ duck tacos were the best tacos I've ever had. *buys a new purse after dinner* Friday, we took another short drive out to Red Rocks for an amazing hike on yet another 70 degree and sunny day.  Sidenote: I never thought I would have packed clothing too warm for a November trip to Denver.  Following a long, hot hike, we came back to the apartment and had a nice long stay at the hot tub, which became our sub-in for a trip to the hot springs--the only thing we didn't *technically* get to on our stay.  We will just have to save that for the next trip!

For our last night together we spent it out in the city hitting more restaurants and bars with that same fresh and edgy atmosphere that almost every place we went to had.  Denver proved to be an awesome city full of young people, inspiring art and amazing views.  On our last day we crossed finding wild buffalo off my bucket list, and realized they are definitely better appreciated from behind a glass window if you value your life.  Finally, we made our way back to Philadelphia and ended what was an amazing long weekend of adventure, good food and great company.  I couldn't have asked for better companions to go exploring with--  I miss Colorado so much already!

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