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Now Launching: Prints Page

5x7 Silver Prints, now hand printed and sold from home!

I am so excited to finally announce the official launch of my prints page!  You can shop some of my favorite botanical studies in my "prints" page in the main navigation bar or at . This is something I have hoped to do for some time now, and I have finally found a way to truly make my botanicals my own.  What makes me the most proud of this exciting new journey is how I am making these--from my very own desk with a paper that is unique to me.  Silver prints are something I began making in college when I was working on film.  You can find these pictures under Projects -> Color Separations.

My first series made with silver metallic paper

My first series made with silver metallic paper

What is special about this paper is the way it brings prints to life.  Even these photographs of of actual prints on silver don't do justice the way a 2-dimensional print can be brought to life with a chromatic paper giving it new dimensionality.  These prints are precious to me, which makes the precious material it is used on even more appropriate. I will caution, however, that silver prints are especially sensitive to the elements, even the natural oils of your fingers, which means that they should be handled very delicately and are best displayed from behind glass.  If you would like to request a print of anything that is not on my shop, please reach out and ask me about it!  Not all prints are best suited for silver, but I will do my best to get everyone's lives as full of ferns as I can!

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